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Homogeneous Sheet 

Upofloor Zero is a non-directional chip design looks the same from every angle, allowing efficient use even in the most complex areas. Flexible contract sheet can also be installed into surgery rooms, as it can be lifted to walls and can be welded with its own PVC free welding rod.

> Sheet thickness: 2 mm 
> 2000 PSI
> Roll size 4'9" x 82'
> PVC Free

  • 45 color options
  • Non-directional chip design 
  • Can be installed into surgery rooms
  • Homogeneous construction
  • No waxing or dry buffing required
  • Anti static with excellent stain, bacteria and chemical resistance
  • 100% of production waste is recycled back to the product


Education | Healthcare | Retail


Why we love Zero

45 colors
Low Maintenance

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