Eco Surfaces

Being the best is never easy. Natural talent counts for a lot, but the truly elite hit the training center with determination and grit. At Ecore, we are committed to creating surfaces that promote consistency. We constantly ask ourselves: Can a floor do more to support the athlete? We believe the answer is Yes, a floor can reward those that train the hardest.

Athletes and coaches agonize over choosing shoes that will support them and help them to be their best—shouldn’t the floor they train on do the same thing? When an athlete beats his or her fastest time or lifts more weight than ever before, Ecore is there. Our shock-absorbent, slip-resistant surfaces for all types of sports facilities allow athletes to train for peak performance while lowering the risk for injury, supporting muscles during repetitive movements, and helping athletes get a little bit better with every session. Every Surface. Every Athlete. Every Day.

Ecore flooring at Aon Center gym in Chicago

Can a floor do more?


Managing impact and surface hazards better than ever before.


Making people more productive and comfortable in their enviornments.


Reduce notice in and between functional spaces.

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