Junckers manufactures high quality solid wood flooring for all types of sport courts and gyms, including basketball courts, handball courts, volleyball courts, futsal pitches, racquet courts, squash courts and multipurpose arenas. 

With experience gained from manufacturing solid hardwood floors since the 1930’s, Junckers has the technical expertise to design and supply the optimal performing high quality solid sports flooring. 

Our sports flooring solutions suit all indoor sport and activity areas, including, gym flooring, fitness flooring, athletic facilities, and multipurpose arenas. We have manufactured basketball floors and dance floors for many satisfied customers, and are a substantial supplier of sports floor systems all over the world. 

Junckers sports floors perform with unique area-elastic characteristics and this gives athletes the ultimate freedom of movement, protects against injury and ensures that they can achieve their best. The hardwood floors are created for generations of use and it is not unusual to see Junckers wooden floors in sport halls 50-60 years old.

NBA basketball game action photo featuring Junkers flooring on basketball court

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