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About Architectural Directions

Architectural Directions is a premier supplier of specialty flooring in the Pacific Northwest for over 3 decades. Our foundation has been built on providing industry expertise and exceptional flooring solutions for strategically creative professionals in the commercial industry.

Our Commitment to unique solutions has paved the way to new directions and opportunities with our customers and partners.

Creative Design

Great ideas come from understanding your needs.

Through this approach, we aim to inspire and challenge the way you view flooring for commercial spaces. Our creative and thoughtful design solutions will empower you to exceed your goals and take your project into a unique direction.

Commercial Solutions

Architectural Directions believes performance and authenticity should be at the core of every commercial project.
Our team of experts are here to help navigate through the noise to find the right products for each space and how it impacts all users.


At Architectural Directions we believe in health and the environment for the occupants and spaces we design for.

The ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Beginning with transparency of manufacturing, through life of installation and thereafter.

Having a deep understanding of our customer’s goals enables us to develop a direction to meet their objectives toward the natural environment, healthy communities, and economic vitality.

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We’re pleased you’ve chosen a new direction for your commercial flooring needs.