Flexible Terazzo Tile

Crafted from a resilient polyester resin and combinations of marble, glass and stone, Floorazzo™ is an easy-to-use tile with the natural beauty and durability of genuine terrazzo.


Floorazzo™ is prefabricated terrazzo that is manufactured in a quality controlled factory for clean, fast and easy installation. Tiles can be installed to produce the appearance of a luxurious monolithic floor. Choose from the celebrated Floorazzo™ Gem and Marble color suites or select from a wide range of resin background colors and assorted marble, glass and stone to create an exclusive Floorazzo™ design. 


A long-lasting and beautiful flooring solution for airport terminals, banks, bus terminals, corporate office buildings, department stores, education facilities, government buildings, healthcare facilities, hospitality environments, and municipal buildings.


  • No Grout
  • No Cracking

  • Large Tiles & Panels

  • Fusion (Monolithic Bonding) System Accessories

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