Profilitec started off producing profiles for rugs and carpets in the 80s: we were the first in Italy to do so.

In the ’80s, when Italian houses used easy-to-clean, yet fragile ceramic tile flooring, our profiles trimmed the tile edges, protecting them and making them more resistant. But this wasn’t enough: we gave function new aesthetic value. We studied new colors, shapes and finishes to meet market needs and set the bar high. We learned to extrude and shape plastic, aluminum, brass and stainless steel, offering the most modern and avant-garde finishes while striking a balance between efficiency, aesthetics and environmental responsibility.

We’ve continued to grow ever since. In 2017 we opened Profilitec’s American subsidiary where, year after year, we are acquiring more clients and greater presence. 

Closeup shot of Profilitec Multifix transistions

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